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Waiting for the "Penny to Drop"

The Penny Drops in "Strawberry Trifle"

I am so excited that the long awaited CAL is starting in a week or so and happy to welcome everyone who is taking the journey along my stitchway.

I did my first CAL, Bonnie Barker's Holiday Cable Throw in December 2016 and our daughter said it best "This makes your other work look boring." I've been knitting and hooking for a very long time, but the idea of crochet post stitches and cables was new to me. I made a series of crochet blankets I called "Ode to Post Stitches" and then got the bright idea of using them on Tunisian pieces. "The Penny Drops" was very well received on FB and Laurene from CAL - Crochet A Long invited me to do a CAL. The idea has grown into The Penny Collection, named after my mom.

I have fallen in love with Tunisian crochet all over again and don't think that there is a better "base" for textures, embossed lettering, colourways and other techniques. The big bonus is the absolutely straight edges that make joining and borders so much easier.

While waiting for the CAL to start, I've been busy working on new designs. One idea leads to another and I am finding inspiration everywhere. I refer to it as "my post menopausal creative frenzy." The skills and techniques you learn in The Penny Drops will be used on the next, more intricate pieces.

Here's a sneak peek at what's been on my hook...

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